Is Magento Dying?

Let us not prolong the wait for a simple answer to this question. No, Magento is not dead. It is still here, very much alive.

Magento has been around for so long now, that a major chunk of businesses that sell online still choose the said platform over its many, newer rivals.

Magento’s first years were massively successful despite a couple of setbacks, such as user complaints. Most users complained about how it was so complicated to have it installed, how it would not smoothly run on Windows, how it was not responsive in mobile, etc. In fairness to Magento’s developers, they all heeded people’s suggestions and made efforts to make the platform better. Learn  about Online Store

Then came Magento 2. The prolonged release date of Magento 2 is perhaps where the question of Magento being dead comes from. It was such a much-awaited event for ecommerce enthusiasts, as Magento made a comeback, though it was too long of a wait. When it was finally ready for release, a number of merchants have already made the switch, Magento 2 seemed late.

Fast forward to today, and recent data still hail Magento as among the most widely used platforms to sell online. They came up with better, more responsive Magento themes that now work well in mobile. What’s more about Magento themes, is that there are even more types to choose from.

Magento 2’s backend panel is also so much better than Magento 1’s. It is now designed to be understandable even for non-technical users. More user-friendly and with improved admin menus, product creation was also made more hassle-free than how it has been before.

So, if you are asking if Magento is dead? No, and it never was. It simply hibernated for a bit, only to come up with a platform that works better for its shop owners and customers. Like all other things, Magento had its share of trials, but did not let those kill it. It used its challenges to be even better, which we now know as Magento 2.